ISTDP is effective in more than 80% of all referrals with psychological complaints:

  • (Chronic) depression
  • Anxiety disorders ( social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic disorder, OCD, PTSD, dissociation )
  • Personality problems (in chronic, complex and persistent problems, suitable for almost the entire spectrum: avoidant, obsessively compulsive up to Borderline)
  • Burnout/overvoltage
  • Medically unexplained complaints ( MUS ) : irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), conversion disorder, tics, up to pseudoepilepsy


See also: the other publications on that website, and the 'evidence' page on this website.

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Why ISTDP works (podcast)

Medication consultations

You can also refer to me for medication consultations, with accessible peer consultation.
The aim is, in consultation with the client, to be able to eventually phase out all medication through ISTDP psychotherapy. Also, medication sometimes turns out to be no longer necessary, and I will guide the phase-out (preferably via tapering strips).


Colleagues from our group practice De Nieuwe Keizersgracht

Dr. David Turner
Fully Accredited English Language Clinical Psychologist, CBT, EMDR

Pauline Stokvis
Psychiatrist, independent, psychoanalytic

Rick Heeres
Psychiatrist, independent, group therapy