Version : 13-04-2020

Cancel your appointment

Cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before the start of your appointment, in all other cases I am obliged to charge the full costs of the session or consultation.

The reason I use this 'no-show rate' is because health insurers do not reimburse this so-called 'no show'.

Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) measurements

In the context of a condition set by the professional association, you should ( unfortunately be obliged) to complete a ROM questionnaire twice a year, to which the progress of your treatment can be measured.

Your answers to this questionnaire remain within the practice and will not be passed on to the Stichting Benchmark GGZ (SBG), Zorginstituut Nederland (ZiNL) or MIND. The practice makes this choice to ensure your privacy, in accordance with the advice of the professional association.

Privacy data – Data security

Your medical file is securely protected by means of a secure Electronic Patient Record (EPD) system, and can only be made transparent to you on request.
The SPD complies with the requirements of European privacy legislation (effective 25 May 2018), and is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified. These are standards frameworks for information security in the broadest sense of the word.
Two Step Verification is also used.

For the video recordings, the best available digital encryption is used, the data carriers themselves (APRICORN SSD hard disks) are updated daily in practice, and also physically locked.
The computer is protected by a proper Firewall and Virus Scanner.

On this secure system, your e-mail is also read, this is also deliberately not done on a smart phone.
We continue to work with ZorgMail, a secure mail server.

Files can be delivered securely digitally via KPN Zorg Messenger.
This also allows secure image calling to take place.

Ssl security is used on the website.

Privacy data – Video recordings

In the context of intervision and supervision moments, bits of video – recordings in regular groups of therapists are sometimes shown.
Your recordings can be requested by you at any time to be deleted, usually this is done annually or after completion of the treatment.

For these video recordings you sign a separate consent statement at the start of the treatment, your consent is also recorded on video.
The recordings are not part of your medical records.

Privacy data – Declarations of Care Insurance

To protect your privacy when declaring the final invoice to your health insurance, I work with a special 'privacy statement' that you provide to your health care provider before you submit the final invoice to them.

This statement provides for encrypted (shielded) diagnostic information for your health insurer.

Privacy data – Delivery DIS

Delivery of encrypted and anonymised declaration data to the DIS (NZa / government) is required by law for every healthcare provider. This data cannot be traced back to the person.

Privacy data – Communication general practitionerand

After the intake, I will make a DSM diagnosis, and eventually provide a final letter with diagnostic information to your general practitioner (unless you as a client actively indicate that you object to this).

Privacy data – Administrative

In practice I use a very experienced and well-known medical administrative employee, and a well-known accountancy firm with strict requirements regarding their privacy policy. I use a business bank account of Triodos Bank. Currently I send advance invoices with Moneybird (which works with Ponto via Isabel NV), this will be replaced by factoring via my digital EPD in 2022. This SPD is a high-quality and well-known SPD with which many freely established specialists work. In that file I work with 2 factor authentication, this is also the case for the ZorgMail plugin with which I communicate with general practitioners.
During observation ( especially in longer absences ) my observer will only have access to the electronic patient record (EPD) during that period. My observer is always a person known to me and trusted, whose actions in the SPD are 'logged' and subject to a BIG registration/review.


Any medication contacts are ( if possible ) deliberately kept separate from your ISTDP treatment.

Medication is often phased out after some time in an ISTDP treatment, of course only if desired and if winding down seems possible (usually as soon as you start to experience more grip on your symptoms yourself).

In some cases, I prescribe medication, for example if there is a clinical depression that hinders treatment too much. Or if the anxiety symptoms are too intense to allow treatment (very rare). In both cases, we can often, in consultation with you and your general practitioner, separate the medication contacts from psychotherapy. If this is not possible, I prescribe the medication myself.

Accessibility / Crisis situations

In case of a question /prescription request / crisis outside office hours and outside my working hours (working days : Monday to Wednesday from 08:30 – 17:30 ) it is best to contact your general practitioner during the day, and outside office hours and on weekends best with the GP post (or directly with nurse and / or doctor of the crisis service).

Crisis service Amsterdam : 020 – 5235 433 ( + 31 20 5235 433 )

You can also chat anonymously with 113Online if necessary.

Observation during holidays:
In case of longer absences/holidays there is sometimes an observer who can reach you (I will then actively indicate this), in case of shorter absences I always observe for myself.


A construction has been chosen in which a screening telephone call can take place in the short term (usually within a week), after which the (current) waiting time starts.

In this way, you can always quickly check whether your complaints are suitable for treatment, so that you quickly know where you stand.

External, independent complaints handling

Of course, I try to take care of you as best I can. However, you may not be satisfied with this. You can preferably let me know first. You can then submit your question or complaint to the independent Care Complaints Desk. An employee of the Complaints Desk tries to resolve your complaint with information and advice and can put you in touch with an independent complaints officer. It can mediate between you and me, so that we can still find a good solution together. You can easily reach the Care Complaints Desk by calling 070-310 53 92. This is possible from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. Or send an e-mail to 

For more information, please visit

The Disputes Committee:

You can also submit a complaint to the external and independent Disputes Committee Zorg Algemeen. Your complaint will then become a dispute. An impartial, expert committee will assess your dispute and you will receive a binding ruling. This means that you and we must ab adhere to the ruling and cannot appeal against the ruling. For more information, please visit: