Trial treatment?

Call 06 – 21953754, or email



Suitability for ISTDP will be investigated during the introductory meeting, which will consist of a short trial treatment of 60 minutes.
In some cases I decide to proceed to an additional intake and 5-10 trial sessions, before being able to say definitively about suitability for the treatment. Howeve
r, 80% of all mental health referrals are usually suitable for the ISTDP treatment method.

All calls will be recorded on video for intervision and supervision purposes.
If you do not come into treatment, the tyres will be immediately cleared. Of course, you can also ask yourself to delete the recordings yourself.



There is currently a waiting list of about 3 months.

Sometimes the waiting list of the practice turns out to be shorter since ISTDP treatments are on average short, and moreover because I focus almost entirely on giving ISTDP therapy for 4 days a week. As a result, it is therefore difficult to estimate how long the current waiting time will be approximately.

You can already go for a telephone screening and/or questions, then I can put you on the waiting list for the introductory interview.