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The waiting list is usually 3-6 months, and sometimes closed because the waiting time would otherwise last longer than 6 months. In that case, you can email me monthly if there is already room again. I can also help you find another ISTDP or AFT therapist.

If there is a place on the waiting list, you can normally go fairly quickly for a telephone screening and / or questions, often in the week after. If you seem suitable during the telephone pre-intake, the waiting list, the trial treatment, the intake interviews and then only after the treatment will follow:


Registration procedure

Suitability for ISTDP therapy with me will therefore first be examined together with you during a telephone pre-intake (45 minutes). You can contact me to schedule this together. Scheduling this appointment is easiest by phone, you can call me on : 06 – 2195 3754. Usually I call back within a day, if you call after Wednesday I usually call back at the beginning of the next week. You can also email me first via :, or secure mail via ZorgMail : After scheduling the telephone pre-intake, I will send you further information about the pre-intake, the requirements for reimbursement of the interviews (such as a correct referral letter), the registration in my Electronic Patient File (EPD), the video recordings, and the course of the waiting list and the continuation of the intake procedure.

In short, the waiting list is followed by the introductory meeting, which will consist of a short trial treatment of 60 minutes. Usually we already have an impression of the suitability for the treatment with me, but final suitability can only be determined after the intake interviews (and if necessary 5-10 additional trial treatment sessions.


Video recordings

All conversations will be recorded on video for possible intervision and supervision purposes.
If you do not come into treatment, the tyres will be immediately cleared. Of course, you can also ask yourself to delete the recordings yourself. After the treatment, the recordings are destroyed. For privacy information see the regulations.