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Benefits ISTDP – therapy :

  • Short-term treatment is usually possible, depending on the problem ( often in the short term already some noticeable effect )
  • Complaints often stay away, no temporary solution or 'sticking plasters' ( more than just symptom reduction )
  • Often suitable as step 2 or step 3 therapy, for example if CBT or SFT does not work for certain reasons (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, resp. Schema Focused Therapy)

Do you recognize?

  • Suppressing emotions such as : anger, assertiveness, sadness, mourning, joy, pride
  • Rigour towards yourself or others, perfectionism
  • Self-criticism, feelings of shame and guilt
  • Conflict avoidance or pleasen
  • Talk about it, laugh everything away, or rather inhibit
  • Stalled grieving process
  • Have a 'wall' – not letting the other one get close, struggling with confidence, connecting yourself to others, or being alone
  • Alcohol and/or substance use
  • Low self-confidence, compliments as uncomfortable experienced
  • Difficulty sitting still/relaxing
  • Take trouble with responsibility


What is 'ISTDP'? (emotion-oriented therapy)

Hilary Jacobs Hendel explains..


Some client experiences ISTDP

" This therapy has freed me from a prison of fear and shame. I was so used to it that I had become my own jailer. The outbreak sometimes resembled the demolition of concrete with bare hands. But the therapy always gave me a new piece of tools. Once outside, the warden appeared to be gone. A world was waiting for discovery. "

"After many therapies with minimal results, ISTDP has brought me back into contact with my feelings in 5 months and thus regained access to real life, and not just the life that took place in my mind. If you have (unconscious) fear of your own emotions, this therapy is an absolute must."
– Lawyer, 45 years old, with a long history of depression and anxiety.


" This whole process is a miracle, really. I feel free for the first time in my life. That I don't have to repress these feelings. I can experience them and move through them, because on the other side is pleasure. It's a feeling of self. I feel like I'm inside with me now. I'm not alone anymore. "

" I didn't know that I was living in fear of my own feelings. Becoming aware of this fear allowed me to overcome it, therefore I was able to experience all the other feelings/emotions. This experience freed me from an almost lifelong depression. "

" The work we did was much more on a cellular level than I have ever experienced in therapy. Processing my anger has been very liberating and not only did you give me permission to feel it, you led me through some really deep stuff… The fear of showing my emotion just put me in a complete jail… I felt really empowered by [the therapy] "

" Wow! I can't believe no one has ever pointed this out to me before after all that therapy.' "


Who am I?

My name is Tom Laduc, after several years of experience as an outpatient Psychiatrist and a 3-year further specialization to ISTDP – psychotherapist, I have fully dedicated myself to giving ISTDP – psychotherapy.
The ISTDP training is from ISTDP-Netherlands, and is accredited by the NVPP (the Dutch Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy). This specialization is in the completion phase, and as of April 2020 I started a new ISTDP – Coregroup training of 3 years by Dr. Allan Abbass and Joel Town. This training is in Canada, but I myself continue to live in the Netherlands and see clients four days a week.


Active collaboration, promoting autonomy, transparent, no nonsense, practical and solution-oriented.

Dutch and English for expats.


Broad practical experience

  • Participation in one ( currently in the second ) 3-year ISTDP Core group training
  • ISTDP part-time treatment
  • Affectphobia Therapy (AFT)
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Long-term insight-giving psychotherapy ( Psychoanalysis)
  • Mentalisation Based Therapy (MBT)
  • Skill training Emotion Regulation Disorder (FRESH training)
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CGT)
  • Basic knowledge of : Schematherapy ( SFT )
  • Future training : Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and brainspotting

Quality guaranteed

The practice has the GGZ Quality Statute. After completing the training, I am registered as an ISTDP therapist through registered membership ISTDP with the NVPP and ISTDP International (re-registrations are mandatory there). I am also registered with the umbrella association IEDTA (International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association). I am also a member of a complaints and disputes committee recognized by the NVvP , and I work in an intervision and supervision context.

BIG Registration – Medical specialist

BIG number 79914563101